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 Extensive Road-to-the-Sales & Internet Sales Training Available Now!

400+ Modules on Road-to-the-Sale

In-depth coverage of the 12 steps in the Road-to-the-Sale including handling objections, listening skills, buyer types, negotiation skills, the trial close, and more!


600+ Modules on Internet Sales & Marketing

Telephone training, lead management, Internet KPI's, online merchandising, social media management!


More than 1,000 training modules available online NOW! 
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 BIG Benefits To Ongoing Employee Training

Benefits of Interactive Employee Training 

There are enormous benefits to providing high quality employee training over the Cloud Trainer platform... Read More

Automated Employee Training Reporting

Like the dashboard in your car, or the cockpit in a plane, the Cloud Trainer dashboard shows both users and training administrators everything they need to know about their ongoing training program... Read More


 Digital Dealer August 8-10, 2016

Las Vegas, NV

Interactive Online Training
An Economical & Conveninent Way For Employees To Learn

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Web-based training is an economical and convenient way for employees to learn. This educational session reviews the evolution of online training and helps you to understand why employees often prefer it over face-to-face training. Blended learning that is delivered conveniently over the Internet anytime and anywhere, helps increase learner motivation, leading to improved worker performance and reduced employee turnover. We'll learn how your dealership can implement a training program that is both affordable and convenient for your employees.



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