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Online Search Training for Dealerships

Introduction to Dealership Search Online

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your dealership’s website to appear naturally on the search engine results page. In this course, we’ll review basic concepts to help you improve your site’s SEO rankings. How do you get your dealership website to be search-engine friendly? We’ll answer this question and more. We’ll also learn about the importance of ensuring that your dealership shows up when potential buyers are conducting vehicle research in your local market.

Search Engines Drive Traffic to Your Dealership Website

The top activity that people conduct online is “search”. Consumers use search engines more than any other resource to conduct research during the vehicle purchase process. In this course, we review the top three search engines that are used in automotive research.

Googleville: The Land of Car Shoppers

Nearly 90% of people who purchase vehicles conduct research online before they buy and the majority of these use search engines. Google is the #1 search engine used by consumers to find vehicle information. This course is dedicated to the subject of getting your website found immediately through Google search.

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Google Places & Google+ Pages

Google Places is extremely important for car dealerships, as far as getting found on Google by car shoppers searching online in your local area. Learn how to set up and manage a great Google Places for your dealership. Google+ is a social networking platform that does many of the same general things as Facebook, such as sending messages to friends, sharing pictures, chatting, and sharing likes. The main difference is that with Google+, users have more control over who they share these things with. Google+ Pages is a way to use Google+ for your business and help make your business social. We learn more about this in this course.

Google Adwords & Keyword Strategies

 When you run an online ad and get charged after someone clicks it – this is called pay-per-click or PPC advertising. Google PPC ads can appear on the Google search engine results page (SERP) alone or across an entire collection of websites in the Google display network – depending upon the what you select when you set up your Google ad campaigns.

It is important to know which keywords consumers use in your local area to perform research on the types of vehicles that you sell. You should have a list of relevant keywords for your dealership, and then optimize your website around them – to help boost your SEO ranking, as consumers use Google to shop for cars in your area.

We'll delve into Google Adwords and keyword strategies in this course. 

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