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Data Mining Training for Dealerships

Intro to Dealership Data Mining

Your existing service and previous sales customers are your very best source of sales opportunities, with a much higher closing ratio than industry averages. We'll learn why your customers respond so well to targeted campaigns. To achieve high closing ratios, you have to know how to segment your customers into specific groups and then design messages and scripts specific to their situation. We’ll go over how to segment those in your database and learn which message works best. 

Finding Customers in the Dealership DMS

Customers nearing the end of their finance or lease terms are excellent sales targets. Active service customers are a tremendous source of new sales opportunities. Using compelling offers to bring this segment back to the dealership for service will lead to future sales and increased service revenue. Targeting customers in your DMS based upon currently running incentives is a great way to generate sales opportunities and revenue! We'll learn all about it in this course.

Data Mining Campaign Messages, Offers, Tracking & Reporting

Identifying specific segments of customers is one thing, formulating an effective message that elicits a response from these customers is another. We'll learn about formulating the right message and targeting customer groups by testing different messages and offers. How do you know if your messages are working? By tracking and reporting on each campaign. We'll learn about that, too.

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