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Internet Sales Training

Internet Lead Management (ILM) Solutions

We'll review the tools available to Internet professionals and learn specific lead management and follow-up techniques to help you be more successful in Internet sales. We'll gain an understanding of the importance of making immediate contact with Internet prospects, how to deliver on their information expectations, why long-term follow-up is so important, and how to build rapport by offering vehicle pricing and alternatives.

The ILM & the Life of an Internet Lead

Find out what Internet lead management or ILM software is and does and how to find the right one for your dealership. Most CRMs today have lead management functionality built into them – but some dealerships still use a standalone lead management tool.

Internet Lead Management & the CRM

Understand how the CRM impacts your ability to make the most of Internet customers and leads. Do you know how many leads turn into appointments and how many appointments turn into sales? You’ll learn why it’s so important to track Internet lead activities and report on monthly results. 

Successful Follow-up Techniques

A quick call to an Internet lead increases the chance of getting an appointment. Find out more about how to make a great first impression during this initial call. We also talk about voice messages and how they can help you get a return call from your Internet prospects.

Effective Ongoing Lead Follow-up

What used to be printed on glossy card stock sitting on the shelves of car dealerships is now available online or via email for every make and model of vehicle available. Find out what makes an effective eBrochure. We'll also learn why it is so important to offer vehicle choices immediately after you receive an Internet lead. Open the door to choices in your initial communications with Internet prospects and you’ll book more appointments and sell more cars. Finally, we'll talk about texting and emailing Internet leads, and how doing so will help you sell more cars.

Dealership Lead Sources

Because dealerships now have so many options when it comes to digital marketing, such as websites, microsites, search engines, third party leads, online classifieds and auctions, online video, and social media, it’s essential to carefully track their results so your online advertising dollars are spent wisely. Find out where leads come from – and assess the source of the leads that come into your dealership. And when it comes to those leads, find out whether the dealer is paying per click, per lead, or a flat monthly fee – because leads are not free. 

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The Internet’s Impact on the Car Business

The Internet has revolutionized the way that consumers shop for cars. Most car buyers conduct research online before they buy. Successful car sales professionals have learned to embrace Internet shoppers, who arrive at the dealership armed with information and ready to negotiate a deal.  In this course, we’ll talk about the Internet’s impact on the car business.

Consumer Vehicle Research Online

There are hundreds of websites that contain information useful to making a good vehicle purchase decision. Consumers are looking for objective information and sometimes visit up to 10 different websites to gather information. In this course, we’ll learn about how consumers research vehicles online.

Converting Internet Shoppers to Customers

Who’s an Internet customer and who’s not? It’s a confusing question, especially considering that 90% of people that buy cars have conducted some sort of research online. In this course, we’ll talk about how consumers that conduct research online are converted into Internet customers and how to track, report, and profit on them.

Internet Telephone Opportunities

In this course, you’ll learn how you can track telephone opportunities and refine your phone skills to maximize sales. You’ll discover how to use call tracking to track telephone ups stemming from different advertising sources and your dealership’s website.

An Intro to Internet Lead Management

Internet lead management is a multi-stage process to manage the conversion of Internet leads into sold customers. To be successful in Internet sales, dealerships must adopt a formal Internet lead management process – and in this course, we introduce seven key steps for your success in lead management.

The 7 Steps of Internet Lead Management

In this course, you’ll learn the seven key steps of highly effective Internet lead management – from the moment the lead comes into the dealership to the day the sale closes or the lead is retired after continuous, well-documented lead follow-up.

Optimizing the Lead Management Process

Now that you’ve been introduced to the basic steps to successful Internet lead management, we'll dig in a little more into the processes within those steps that will help to optimize your overall process and sales results, including making the first contact, turning over telephone calls, and email, text, and telephone follow-up.

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