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Train Your Dealership Clients on Cloud Trainer

Train Dealership Clients on Your Product or Solution Process - Sell Your Training

Retaining dealership clients is a constant struggle for automotive solution providers. Cloud Trainer allows industry product and solution providers to provide process or product training online to dealership employees that use your products or solutions.


  • Reduce cancellations and lower costs of in-store training.

  • Help dealerships maximize ROI on the solutions or products you provide.

  • Support your in-the-field sales and training staff.

  • Lower your cost of training.

  • Ensure dealership employees are following proper process.

  • Provide performance reporting to dealership principals.

  • Provide immediate training when dealerships experience staff turnover.

  • Offer a value-added service to your clients.

  • Generate an additional revenue stream by selling your training online.

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