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Internet Sales Manager Training

Tactics for Internet Sales Success

In this course, we'll learn about several tactics that impact the level of success you achieve in Internet sales. From the speed of lead response to discovering the optimum number of leads per person, from creating an effective lead mix to staff training, and online reputation management, Internet lead management is something every dealership is challenged by.

Maximizing Internet Sales

In this lesson, we’re going to discuss a number of other important tactics that will help you to maximize the success of your Internet initiative. From being accountable to following a particular lead management process to responding immediately to leads when they arrive in the CRM to ensuring that responses to your prospects are of the utmost quality – all of these factors will influence the level of success you achieve.

Other Factors that Impact Internet Sales

In this course, we continue our discussion of factors that will impact the overall success of your Internet initiative. Specifically, we’ll talk about your dealership’s online reputation, the quality of the online merchandising of your dealership, Internet department staff training, and continuous process improvement.

Internet Sales in Your Dealership

In this course, we’ll talk about structuring your dealership’s Internet Sales Department. We’ll take a look at the various Internet Department structures, how to decide which one would work best for your dealership, how to find the right people for the department, and how to support the department with the tools and authority it needs to succeed.

Internet Department Structures

Choosing the right department structure and staffing it with the right people has a direct impact on Internet sales. We’ll help you determine which structure works best for your dealership because when it comes to Internet Sales Departments, one size does not fit all dealerships.

The BDC, Virtual BDC, & Floor Sales Model

In this course, we look at Internet Department structures in more detail, such as the sales BDC, the floor sales model, and the virtual BDC, then we learn ways to measure the effectiveness of the structure you choose to implement.

Questions To Ask When Choosing an Internet Sales Structure

Whether deciding which Internet department structure to set up for your dealership or what changes to make to improve an existing Internet Department's performance, there are several key questions the dealership should ask of its managers, salespeople, and support staff. We learn about these questions and more in this course.

Building A High Performance Internet Department

Deciding on an Internet structure for your dealership is one thing… Staffing it with qualified people and driving the department to high levels of performance is another. Excellent telephone and computer skills, continual training, creative compensation plans, goals, tracking and reporting, and controlling expenses all have an impact on the success of your Internet structure. We review these important topics in this course.

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Internet Sales KPIs - Part I

This is the first course covering Internet sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We'll learn about the connection ratio, which is a measure of the percentage of leads that you engage with. We'll also cover appointment and appointment show ratios, which quantifies how many leads turned into appointments and how many of those appointments actually showed up in the dealership.

Internet Sales KPIs - Part II

The appointment show and floor close ratios tell a dealer how many prospects visited the showroom from set appointments and how many purchased a vehicle based on those visits. We'll also learn how to track lead sources so you know which sources have the highest closing ratios. 

Measuring Internet Sales Performance

At the end of the day, your overall Internet sales performance is demonstrated by the bottom line impact of your efforts. If you have done a good job of tracking your leads, lead sources, and key performance indicators, the next thing you will want to know is how much did it cost you to sell an Internet deal and how much, on average, did you gross on each Internet sale. We’ll learn how to calculate these important measures in this course.

Internet Sales ROI & Reporting

It’s important for the dealership to know the ROI on their Internet advertising. You’ll learn about this important metric and how dealers use it to make good decisions with regard to their marketing budget.

Choosing Third Party Lead Providers

What’s the difference between a third party lead and a first party or second party lead? We’ll learn about different third party lead providers and gain an understanding of how and where they get the leads they deliver to your dealership. What is a quality lead? Which third party leads are best for you? What’s a fair price to pay for leads? How many should you buy? We’ll answer these questions and more in this course.

Managing Third Party Lead Providers

Just like your relationship with your customers, fostering a strong relationship with your lead provider is important. Just as sales people are held accountable to a monthly sales target, you must hold lead providers accountable to lead quality standards and service expectations. We’ll cover these important topics in this course.

Managing Third Party Leads

Third party leads come into the dealership from a source other than the dealership’s website, landing pages, referrals, or Facebook page. On average, more than half of the internet leads that a dealership will receive during the month - come from a third party source – so it’s critical to make sure there is a process in place to manage these leads effectively, and to track their outcomes.

Maximizing Sales from Third Party Leads

To maximize sales from your third party leads requires a long-term, quality lead management process that includes sending vehicle choices to prospects and communicating effectively through email, text, telephone, and voice messages. It also requires that you keep your eye on what the competition is doing and get creative about eliciting responses from old, stale leads.

Third Party Lead Communications

Communicating effectively with leads is essential to turning them into appointments that show in your dealership. You’ll learn ways to communicate effectively with third party leads via phone, email, and text.

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