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Cloud Trainer News & Events

May 01, 2018

Cloud Trainer Now Fully SCORM Compliant!

Cloud Trainer is fully SCORM compliant, meaning that it can accept any content that is also SCORM-compliant. Content on Cloud Trainer is deliverable across any SCORM-compliant LMS (learning management system). Content authors do not have to spend an exuberant amount of time and money reformatting educational and training content so that it runs on Cloud Trainer.

January 01, 2018

Michael Roscoe of Dealer Magazine Becomes Majority Owner of Cloud Trainer, LLC

Michael Roscoe spent the last 23 years informing and educating dealers via Dealer magazine, and the last 10 years doing the same regarding specifically the Internet and technology through the Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition. After selling the assets of Dealer Communications last October, Roscoe is going to continue his efforts to inform and educate dealers and their staffs through Cloud Trainer, an interactive learning management system designed to provide quality and consistent training to automotive professionals. Cloud Trainer also delivers training for industry vendors, which reduces the cost of field support and fosters solution adaption.

August 01, 2017

Road-to-the-Sale Content for Dealerships

The Road-to-Sale process is one of the first things taught to new sales professionals in dealerships across the country. Often times, dealerships use a variety of resources to provide this training, including OEM videos, consultants, in-house trainers, and sales managers. To complement training and to ensure training over the long term to fill training gaps, Cloud Trainer has launched more than 400 training components to teach people how to successfully sell cars. 

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