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Michael Roscoe, Founder, Dealer Communications, Digital Dealer Conference & Expo

"I've organized and attended thousands of training sessions from solution providers in this industry over the past two decades. Cloud Trainer hosts some of the best, field-tested training I've ever seen. This business has needed this for a long time!"

Larry Jones, Dealer Principal,
Jones Junction

"I've been in this business for more than 50 years... I've seen them come and I've seen them go. If you want one of the highest performing BDCs in the country, sign-up for Cloud Trainer. Get your sales people on Road-to-the-Sale today and you'll start selling more cars. We can finally afford to give our people the training that they need every day!"

"Everyone knows I'm passionate about my work. I'm committed to delivering world class technology supported by quality training and processes. When it comes to a training partner and world class training content, I recommend Cloud Trainer. This system gives my dealers the tools they need to become trainers themselves, while benefiting from thousands of existing training modules developed by dealership folks FOR dealership folks."

Hugh Hathcock, Founder, eLead1ONE

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