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Telephone Training for Automotive Sales

No Money Down & Appointment Objections

Sales professionals who disqualify prospects over the phone just because they hear they might have credit challenges but have no money to put down – only shoot themselves in the foot and rob the dealership of an opportunity to sell a car. We'll learn how to overcome financing objections over the telephone and to maximize your appointment setting ratio by effectively overcoming appointment objections.

Scheduling & Confirming Appointments

Your manager should confirm your sales appointments, which will increase your appointment show ratio. We learn the fundamentals of making that important confirmation call. The appointment is your chance to get a potential customer behind the wheel to test-drive a car. 

Missed Appointment & Be-Back Scripts

In this lesson, we’ll review telephone scripts for calling people who did not show for a scheduled appointment and following up with people who came to the dealership but did not buy a car.

Sales Calls Scripts

In this course, we'll learn how to handle a few different types of sales calls - after-the-sale call, inbound sales calls, calls to Internet leads that have not come into the dealership for a test drive, outbound sales calls and calls to forgotten leads.

Lease Termination & Service Upgrade Scripts

Upcoming lease terminations are a great opportunity for new sales and your service department is a gold mine of sales opportunities. We go over an effective lease termination call script and a great script for calling service customers with a potential upgrade opportunity.

Aged & Orphaned Internet Lead Scripts

Don’t discount the value of orphaned and aged leads. Often times, there are buyers in this forgotten group of prospects – many of which slipped through the cracks when a sales person left your dealership. We’ll review a great script for calling these leads. 

We Need Your Car & Voicemail Scripts

There’s nothing worse than owning a car you don’t want anymore. And there’s nothing better than getting a call from your local dealership telling you that they need your car and are willing to pay top dollar to get it. We’ll go over a highly effective telephone for calling these folks, then we'll learn several voicemail scripts that will grab your prospect’s attention and begin the process of building rapport.

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Telephone Fundamentals

To be successful in today’s Internet-driven car business, you must have excellent telephone skills. If you’re a salesperson, you must have these skills, and if you’re a manager, the most important question to ask an Internet sales candidate is not “are you a closer” – but “can you effectively handle telephone calls – both incoming and outgoing?”

Telephone Call Handling

Whether you’re answering an incoming sales call or calling a new Internet lead, it’s important to say the right things, ask the right questions, and keep track of important information. We’ll learn how to successfully make and take telephone calls. We’ll also cover some basic telephone techniques that will help you make the most of every telephone interaction you have with prospective and existing customers.

Positive Telephone Techniques

You’ll learn a variety of techniques to improve your phone skills, such how to sound positive and happy when speaking with customers – even if you’re not feeling positive and happy at the time. You'll learn how to provide information with confidence, while effectively overcoming objections. We’ll cover telephone tactics that will help you to persuade, encourage, and build strong business relationships with Internet prospects.

Telephone Tactics

Before you can sell a car, you must first sell an appointment. There are a few very important techniques to master in order to achieve high appointment setting and appointment show ratios. Booking strong appointments that are confirmed by your sales manager – and making sure your prospects experience a smooth turnover when they arrive in the showroom – all set the stage for a profitable deal.

Handling Pricing Objections

In this course, we learn to effectively handle pricing objections. “I want a quote” is a very common objection. Your response is key to developing and maintaining a relationship with the prospect and turning them into a sold customer. The best price objection is really more of a demand and is best handled by reassuring your prospects that you, too, would want the best price if you were buying a car, and that you completely understand their concerns about price. 

Still Looking & Think About It Objections

In this course we look at two common objections the sales professional will face when either trying to get a commitment to an appointment with the dealership and when trying to sell a car: The "I'm still looking" and "I need to think about it" objections.

Credit Problems & Negative Equity Calls

In this course, we look at how to handle financing objections, such as, "I've got credit problems" and "I have negative equity on my trade-in". With the Internet ready and able to let people explore their financing options before they set foot in your dealership – you need to know how to overcome financing objections over the telephone.

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