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Training You Can Afford!

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Interactive & Skill-Based Training


Engage your employees through interactivity such as puzzles, videos, audio, matching exercises, quizzes, and humor - making learning fun and keeping your employees from getting bored. You can easily tailor training assignments for each learner's need.

Easily Turn Your PowerPoint, Word & PDF Documents Into Training!


Use your existing documents for online training and distribute that training to employees across your dealership with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Want to make sure all of your employees read the Employee Handbook? Simply upload it and assign it!

A Training System that Manages Itself


Learning paths are automatically assigned to employees,with recurring training sessions, course updates and due date notifications. Managers oversee training performance through automatically emailed reporting.

Create Your Own Training Content In your Dealership Using Your Phone or Files


Managers can record meetings or walk-arounds and instantly load on Cloud Trainer to train employees.

No professional video studio needed. No need to hire expensive content creators.

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Dealership Vendors & Solution Providers

Provide process or product training to dealership employees that use your products or solutions. Reduce cancellations and lower costs of in-store training. Help dealerships maximize ROI on the solutions or products you provide.

Road-to-the-Sale Training

Comprehensive Road-to-the-Sale training online, anytime. Reduce turnover. Train as many sales people as you need. Complement your in-store training.

  • Struggling with BDC turnover?

  • BDC or Internet Department under performing?

  • Missing sales from poorly handled telephone call?s

Internet Sales & BDC Training

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